Monday, December 1, 2008


I don't know how much but at least a couple inches of blowing and drifting snow. It's 23 degrees right now. I can see out the computer window the squirrels are brushing the snow off the platform bird feeder...the birds are standing by in the bird bath and the dogwood tree waiting their turn at the seeds. Just filled them all full before the snow. Have to go out a little later and shovel out the paths and the driveway. Need to go mail my correspondence and pick up some food for supper. I hope it isn't too slippery. Dan and Hali are sleeping (his car is in my way or I'd leave now), Owen is at school. It's nice to have a red twig dogwood in the winter as it brightens up the yard covered with snow.


madcobug said...

They had some snow in North AL but not down her in my part. It was cold and windy though it is supposed to warm up today. Helen

Solitary Dancer said...

We had about 30 minutes of flurries. LOL Nothing stuck but it was fun to watch


The Cheshire Cat said...

The frozen rain that has fallen here resembled bullets from a cosmic rifle. It seems a long time since the clouds have taken the time to make individual snowflakes that happily stick to each other :)