Monday, October 27, 2008


It snowed today. Oh, not much, but just enough to say hello to winter. Here you can see the snow clouds rolling in. It got quite dark but don't want to show that, love the warmth of the sun.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Still Blooming

It was a great day for drying clothes and for playing outside in the sunshine. Wow, there sure are a lot of lady bugs around right now and some of them have a nasty bite and some of them are coming in the house where it's warm. Haven't seen many spiders lately. The crickets still sing in the evening and the Canadian Geese are starting to leave for the warm south country. All the green pipes have left the train yard and have gone to southern Wisconsin to make windmills. I'm going to have to go see one of these days. Lots of chick a dees in the yard today and sparrows. Didn't notice any other kind. The squirrels are sure stocking up and the chippies are too. Well it's time for me to turn in...goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Tried to think of the names of the flowers but I can't. I'm am pleased that I still have some blooming up until today. Tonight there will be another killing frost.

This is the same kind of flower as the one above.

This is as scary as it gets at our house during the season of halloween, vampire ghosts hanging from trees and smiling scare crows

I guess these are the famous red flowers LOL

These are beautiful flowering annuals. I am pleased that these did so well in my little tiny late summer garden. The snow on the mountain was here and see it is already back.

This looks very patriotic doesn't it, but it's just the flowers my grandchildren picked out to put in their swans. They have bloomed all summer. I think they did a very good job.

This doesn't look like much I guess but it's the last flower in my Lavender patch. It is very hard for me not to pick them and bring them in the house but I'm hoping by leaving them they will get bigger for next year. This is the first year for this bunch in the south side garden.

These are the flowers that I got when I took the class in organic gardening, you can also see a little of my peach tree, a little bench and my foot path

I got this from my brother. I got a lot of plants from him this year. This is a mum plant. When I got it all the tops were cut off and I thought it was done blooming for the year but look, isn't it pretty. I'm going to stop over at his house tomorrow and see how his yard looks.

Well at last, one that I know the name of. This is the Sweet Autumn Clematis that I got from my sister Sandra. I got five plants from her and they have spread all up and down my chain link fence giving me privacy and beauty. First they have beautiful white flowers and then they turn into these little puffy gray clouds.

The last of the honeysuckle vine. I'm not going to cut it back this year. I'm real leary of that but my sisters say they let theirs overwinter not cut back. This vine is at least 20 years old and a real beauty when in full bloom.

I don't know what this is but it's leaves and grass that I planted in September. They were almost giving them away but I've had their beauty for two months.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yard work

Almost finished for the time being. Waiting for the leaves to fall so I can mulch them or put them in the compost. I forgot to plant oat seeds at the end of August. It's what I use for furtilizer. Oh well. I hope the plants make it through the winter anyway. I transplanted a lot of lilies and the two huge cup plants. I was going to give them away but I found new spots for them. I did give some lilies away, my orange ones, to a minister that put an ad on freecycle that he wanted some.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My blog is being investigated, not sure why. It couldn't possibly be more innocent.
Anyway it says I can't post until the investigation is over so I'm test posting.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Frozen Soldiers

That's what my Mom called the plants that were left standing through the winter. She didn't want any plants left standing and during her last Fall here on earth I went to her home several times and cut them back or dug them out if they couldn't overwinter.

I'm different, I love to see the plants and stems and berries in winter. It helps the birds I think, but it also helps me to see them and know Spring will come again.

Worked in the yard a little today, then sat for a while to watch the critters. The big rabbit came right up to the white pumpkin and started eating it. I'll have to see if a can get a couple more white pumpkins. I haven't seen or heard any chippies for a while, I wonder where they are. The squirrels are really busy gathering and storing. Those darn blue jays sure are noisy and let me know in no uncertain terms when their favorite feeding is empty. Robins are all gone, finches are brown now, lots of Mourning Doves and sparrows. One pair of Cardinals is here, the other pair has left I think as well as the babies. Lots of Chickadee de de de's, love their song.
A picture of the river that runs through town...the Fox River.

Friday, October 3, 2008

A little gardening sort of

I added a couple ghostly images to this little side garden. Look at that Snow On The Mountain already growing after I pulled it all out a week ago. If you want something to fill in an area get Snow On The Mountain, it is hardy and dedicated.
I sit here quite often, this little bench by my side door. It was green and I recovered it and painted it so it would last the winter for me again. I'm hoping the paint color is the same as that of the fence in the picture on Deb's Hippie Farmer web site...what do you think?
My granddaughter immitating the ghost that we placed in the yard. It lights up and looks really cool.
My little scarecrow on the garage window shelf.

Pretty soon all the gardening will be done for another year and the beautiful green will be gone. I have prepared snowshoes, skies, sleds, skates, hockey sticks and pucks in preparation for playing in the winter. What do you do in the snow and cold of winter...I'd really like to hibernate but that makes it last too long.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I have hundreds of pictures posted on AOL Hometown that I'm in the process of downloading to my computer so I can burn a CD. I used Hometown to save my pictures. I'm up to January 2006. This is one of the pictures I found. It's my dear grandson Owen 'reading' the newspaper.