Sunday, October 5, 2008

Frozen Soldiers

That's what my Mom called the plants that were left standing through the winter. She didn't want any plants left standing and during her last Fall here on earth I went to her home several times and cut them back or dug them out if they couldn't overwinter.

I'm different, I love to see the plants and stems and berries in winter. It helps the birds I think, but it also helps me to see them and know Spring will come again.

Worked in the yard a little today, then sat for a while to watch the critters. The big rabbit came right up to the white pumpkin and started eating it. I'll have to see if a can get a couple more white pumpkins. I haven't seen or heard any chippies for a while, I wonder where they are. The squirrels are really busy gathering and storing. Those darn blue jays sure are noisy and let me know in no uncertain terms when their favorite feeding is empty. Robins are all gone, finches are brown now, lots of Mourning Doves and sparrows. One pair of Cardinals is here, the other pair has left I think as well as the babies. Lots of Chickadee de de de's, love their song.
A picture of the river that runs through town...the Fox River.

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Lainey said...

How lovely to have such wildlife!! Laine xxx