Friday, October 3, 2008

A little gardening sort of

I added a couple ghostly images to this little side garden. Look at that Snow On The Mountain already growing after I pulled it all out a week ago. If you want something to fill in an area get Snow On The Mountain, it is hardy and dedicated.
I sit here quite often, this little bench by my side door. It was green and I recovered it and painted it so it would last the winter for me again. I'm hoping the paint color is the same as that of the fence in the picture on Deb's Hippie Farmer web site...what do you think?
My granddaughter immitating the ghost that we placed in the yard. It lights up and looks really cool.
My little scarecrow on the garage window shelf.

Pretty soon all the gardening will be done for another year and the beautiful green will be gone. I have prepared snowshoes, skies, sleds, skates, hockey sticks and pucks in preparation for playing in the winter. What do you do in the snow and cold of winter...I'd really like to hibernate but that makes it last too long.


The Cheshire Cat said...

The bench is exactly the same colour that I remember for the fence. Clever you! ~Liz

Lainey said...

I so want that little scarecrow just so gorgeous!!!! xxxxxx Lainey xxxxx