Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yard work

Almost finished for the time being. Waiting for the leaves to fall so I can mulch them or put them in the compost. I forgot to plant oat seeds at the end of August. It's what I use for furtilizer. Oh well. I hope the plants make it through the winter anyway. I transplanted a lot of lilies and the two huge cup plants. I was going to give them away but I found new spots for them. I did give some lilies away, my orange ones, to a minister that put an ad on freecycle that he wanted some.


Sandra said...

the leaves really fell here last night... with the wind we had it sounded like a rain storm.....

Solitary Dancer said...

How pretty. Just so lovely.

You gardens are going to do just fine. They thrive on your love and care.