Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Did a walk around

The yard today. There is a darker Crocus in bloom now too and the Daffodils and tulips are budding nicely. My peach tree that I thought was dead has buds on it but time will tell if it will be okay after the hungry rabbits ate most of the trunk. Rhubarb not quite ready to pick and no dandelions for salad or wine yet. No buds on the apple trees or the grapes or the dogwoods yet.
I picked up all the garbage the blew into my yard over the weekend. I'm deciding if I want to rake the yard or not. I hate to lose the dead leaves but I can always put them in the compost bin for later. I'm going to get a bigger pool this year and a swing set or a climbing structure might be better. They are climbing the big Maple tree as I used to do at my friends hous when I was a kid. We ordered a tree to plant for Arbor Day this month. It's a white pine...another lunch for the rabbits next year I guess. Walter is doing pretty good. Some of his trunk is falling off. But strong otherwise and still putting out little branches.
Kids not here Sunday so the Easter egg hunt this year with be on Thursday or Monday. I think Monday is better, a little extra action after the big event.

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DB said...

That's good news about the peach tree. Here's hoping. DB