Sunday, May 24, 2009

Perenials in Raised Bed

I took pictures of some of the flowers in bloom. Someday I'll remember what kind they are. Also the Pagoda Dogwoods have a lot of buds on them. I see some of the Bleeding Hearts are in bloom, both red and white. The lilacs are in full bloom as are the tulips. The Honeysuckle Vine has a million flower buds on and the Sweet Autumn Clematis is growing up on the fence as are the grape vines. Rhubarb is huge, too much to pick so I offered it to other people and have had a few takers.
I moved my house plants on the summer porch and recovered the ratan chairs in green and white. It's been very nice sitting out there in the evenings having my tea and reading. Or when the kids are here we play Star Wars Monopoly or go fish out there. It's a very nice spot.
Looking for a car that's a little newer than my twenty year old one. Owen wants me to save my Honda for him...I guess I'll have it another ten years until he's ready to drive.
Have some little flags for the kids to put out tomorrow in the yard, in addition to the usual regular size one.
Have a happy memorial day remembering your loved ones.

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