Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yesterday Owen and I wove a soaker hose throughout the yard. Now when the plants need water I just turn on the faucet and set the timer...so easy. Last year I planted some Daisies again and they are coming into bloom now. But, they are lemon yellow so I guess I picked the wrong ones. Looks like the day lillies are about to bloom as well and a couple of the older ones are already in bloom. The rhubarb has been shared a lot this year and there's hardly any left. I need to let it grow for a while so the I can make some rhubarb ice cream with the kids. We missed our annual July 4th snowball fight, so while the freezer seems to be full of food, it's actually full of snowballs we made last winter. Also our fire works are waiting. Kids were with their Mom this year on the fourth, so we still have a celebration to go to, LOL.

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