Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gardening In Winter

Of course the birds and critters need to be fed so here we are feeding them. They eat a lot of food in the winter. A store closing has all bird seed on sale for half price so we got a lot of it. I was afraid the birds wouldn't like it cause it's a different mix but they eat every morsel. I am thankful today for the heated birdbath that supplies flocks of birds with fresh water each day.
I am thankful too, for my sweet granddaughter that helps me feed the critters.

While I was salting the porch and sidewalk Hali was shoveling the driveway. She sure likes to be outside and enjoys all the daily jobs that need to be done in the cold. Even helping bringing out the garbage and recyclables. I am thankful I have salt to clean the mailman's way so he doesn't slip and fall. I am thankful for cross country skies and ice skates so we can have fun when the temperature gets up in the twenties like it did today.

This is my winter flower garden and I do enjoy it. The bowl on the right is the oat grass beginning to grow. I put it down for the cats and they sure enjoy it. I am thankful today for all the colors of the rainbow and the pretty flowers on my cupboard.

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madcobug said...

Great pictures. I would think those birds would be thankful to get any kind of seeds in all that snow. Seems like we all have a lot to me thankful about when we get to thinking about all our blessings. Hugs, Helen