Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Moving indoors

My Mom gave me this a few years back. Well, not the plant exactly but a leave from one of her plants. It grew into a plant over the years but didn't bloom until this Spring when I moved it to my South kitchen window. I think it is very pretty. Next to it is the Rosemary I got from Jenny and that is growing good too. I cut snips off that to use when I make chicken, tastes wonderful.

Some of my houseplants didn't make it through the summer this year. One of my favorites, the Palm tree that bloomed twice a year, died. I will miss it as it brightened winter up.

I still didn't get the Daffodil bulbs in the ground but I did bring in my Calla Lilies. I had planted them conveniently in planting baskets so the bulbs were easy to find.

I'm going to leave my sprinkler hose outside for the winter as I have it threaded through the flower beds in a complicated way. I hope it does well.

Still have to clean out the garage as if I had a car to put in cause, who knows, I may get another car when I get tired of walking and taking the bus. And I need to put fences around my Bridal Wreath and Little evergreen. It may be too late to plant another peach tree or whatever so I'll wait until Sping.

The plants in the half barrel, the wheel barrow, the two swans are still in bloom so I'll have to decide what to do with them next week. I liked the red bark dogwood in the half barrow and I plant to do that again this year.

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madcobug said...

Beautiful violet. For years I use to grow bunches of them and still have lot of vases made specially for them that my daughter gave me to money to buy. All at once they all started dying so I trashed them. One day I might get a few more. Helen