Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Around town

Went to get my flu shot today...I had an appointment...they said I was too sick and wouldn't give it to me. Have to go back on Monday. I feel better, just tired, but they said I still have low grade fever. It's always something isn't it. These pictures are all adjusted to comic view, it's a sign of the times.
Walter the tree and the sparrows feeding area. Looks like it was the hawks feeding area today as well. This is also my mini forrest and swimming area.
Here is the squirrel feeding station and several baby trees. Owen and Hali got them during a scavenger hunt this summer. Also the back fence that usually has beautiful Sweet Autumn Clemitis in bloom.

On the left is my compost bin that I've had for years and years. In the back over there is my shade garden and I can't think of what the plants are called. The sandbox area (better known as the beach) is in the front, and along the fence are the grape vines. No grapes this year, the blossoms were frozen out in the late Spring killing frost. On the right that tree trunk is my maple. It's a red maple but it sure puts out some wonderful syrup.

Guess what this is...yup it's the piles and piles of salt that they spread on Green Bay roads throughout the winter. I took Owen to see it but he was more interested in the oil refinery area.

My resting place when I'm working too hard. A couple garden chairs and a little fake birdhouse structure. I'm going to leave these out this winter. My butterfly house was here also but I bring that in for the winter. That's my holly on the left, still quite small. As soon as I find out if it's male or female I'll get the other one so I can have those pretty berries. The wonderful thing about this tree is that the beautiful green leaves stay on all winter long.

The oil fields...or oil tanks...or whatever. When I was a teenager one of these blew up and I still think of it as the night of the was a spooky, end of the world type fact, it was even spooky being this close to them after all these years.

You can see a couple of the oil tankers coming in to fill up or dump off or whatever they do. The bridge in the background is NOT the bridge to nowhere. It actually goes across the Fox River. I was across it once riding with someone else. There was a terrible accident on this bridge and I was working at the hospital when they started bringing the people in...I've never been back across this particular bridge. I'm not so fond of bridges anyway. There's the swinging bridge at Pamperin that moves back and forth, there's the Main Street bridge, that as a child, I was on with my mother and sisters when they started raising it for a ship. There's the bridge in Sturgeon Bay that looks like it's made from a toy frame...none to my liking. Of course, once I did walk across the Fox River railroad bridge to get to Fort Howard Paper Company so I could jump aboard the Rainbow Warrior.
Well I guess I've come to the end of the pictures. If nothing else I got to practice my typing.
Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.


Sandra said...

I don't like bridges either, but sometimes you have to cross over..... I think Bobby rocked that bridge at Pamperin park and I didn't much care for that

Solitary Dancer said...

Love the comic effect on the pics. Very nice.

I'll be getting my flu shot on Friday, at work. One less thing to worry about :-)


Lainey Laine said...

oooh like that comic affect. Love the pictures. I dont like bridges either - especially not wobbly ones. Laine xxx